Exercise/Wellness Program

  • BTH places emphasis on encouraging overall health and well-being. 
  • Fitness gym and exercise equipment, to support in home care exercise programs.
  • Fun and beneficial physical activities right there in the care home, to support behavior modification through fitness

Health and Diet Program

One of the basic strategies for Bridges to Homes pilot programs is to provide healthy, nutritious meals for the residents of the Lee Adult Homes.

Little Company of Mary Hospital
Food Finders
Food Forward

Music Therapy Program

Hearing and listening to music is one of the single most powerful Programs we have that no matter how far on the spectrum the adults are, they will connect to music.

Social Vocation Program

  • Provides support for community inclusion; outings to parks, restaurants, nature walks and walks at the beach.
  • Negotiating to partner with organizations like “Sky Jump” and making “field trip” opportunities available to those BTH assists.
  • Assisting in contributing to each disabled individual for an overall better quality of life.